Pristine Mountain Lake

12 inches X 12 inches, on my last canvas. Going forward I use exhibition wood panels for larger images as they are better able to handle the layers of paper and glue, especially when I want to bring something forward in the foreground. Finished late in January, 2023.


Arizona – near Organ Pipe National Monument

Arizona collage 2022

As rockhounds, my spouse and I have wandered the rugged hills of the western states for several years now, but this was my first attempt to capture the erosion of water and wind without the grinding power of ice and glaciers in the southern USA. Dusk on the desert and the rocks are still radiating heat while every tiny sprig of vegetation is an inspiration. Quite magical.


My largest collage ever, (48 inches by 24 inches), this image is from a stop along the Alaska Highway between Watson Lake and Fort Nelson. It is going into a small exhibit at the Okanagan Regional Library in Oliver for the month of September, 2022 and then entered in the Fall Art Show and Sale at the Oliver Community Centre on October 1st and 2nd.